Mitch Rice

Life in Bloomington

Reflections on Biking, Hiking, Music, Fungi, Family, & Community in Southern Indiana.


Mitch's Musings


For over thirty years my wife Eileen and I have been entertaining at the Bloomington Farmers' Market, and before that at the Coconut Grove Farmers Market as well as various venues in Cleveland, Ohio, where we met. Our album, Fresh from the Market, is available from us, and indvidual songs are available as we record them. In recent years I have been playing mainly ukulele, I can carry it and my harmonicas easily on my bike to any venue in Bloomington.


I love biking through the hills and hollers of Southern Indiana, and the streets and alleys of Bloomington as well. I try to ride anywhere I can't easily walk in town, and occasionally take longer trips into the woodlands that surround Bloomington. I watch the city hawks and the country eagles; groundhogs, coyotes and deer all see me as I cruise by. Some winters I especially enjoy riding on the ice of Monroe Lake or Griffy, riding year round is for me a necesary part of our growing bike culture in Bloomington.


I am a fun guy, just ask my friends! Here is my collection of photos highlightinhg the incredible range of fungi found in Southern Indiana. This year I hope put names to the lichens that are everywhere there is clean air. These fungi based life forms "farm" bacteria and blue-green algae, providing moisture and and a growing substrate, while the colonies of single celled creatures produce sugars through photosynthesis, a great example of mutualism between different branches of life.

Animal Traces

During my rides and hikes around the county, I find evidence of a wide variety of mammals, birds, and reptiles in their natural state, bring back photographic evidence of their presence.

Grandpa Thoughts

Not too much here yet, I am just getting started, But here are my pictures of my little pal Dexter Emmanuel!

Charlie Bird

Charlie Bird is a green winged macaw living in Bloomington with my best buddy Jojo. Charlie and I have a musical bond, I play and sing, and he dances!